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A New scenario for populism

By Javier Velandia

Hugo Chavez Launches his blog, two months after the creation of his Twitter account, the Venezuelan president strikes back with a new blog.

The blog http://www.chavez.org.ve/ created two days ago counts with an information platform about his government and his opinion on Venezuela’s future.

The new virtual personality of the Venezuelan president is a clear response to all the media and critics of his government that in recent months have accused him of censoring the Internet

The creation o the Chavez Twitter account has been a success among the Chavez followers. More than 50.000 messages in one week and more than 230.000 followers confirm his success. But what is really interesting are the contents of the messages that the people are sending him and the responses he is giving to them. 

Chavez has established a “connection” with his followers and has showed himself like as the savior of the people. The people ask for something and he answer almost immediately solving their needs people needs.

He has transformed the Twitter idea of Social group and has turned it into a populist way of making politics. He has upgraded the traditional scenario of the plaza to a massive screen where he sends messages to the people responding to their needs into other level.

The creation of the blog is other way of getting closer to the people with the same strategy used by the opposition in the past. He understood that the internet could be a powerful tool for his political ambitions, and he created a new virtual Chavez capable of listening to the real people problems and solving them.

Chavez and his new virtual persona is an interesting case of how the meaning of spaces and uses of technology can be changed to achieve a specific purpose.

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