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Hugo Chavez in Twitter.

By Javier Velandia

Last March several newspapers around the world informed about the Intentions of the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez of censoring and monitoring the internet, to prevent defamation and wrong information against his government.

But what the world was not expecting was Hugo Chavez sing on Twitter. Last  April 27 “@chavezcandanga” the Chavez account appeared  14 minutes after midnight. His first post:

“Epa que tal? Aparecí como lo dije: a la medianoche. Pa Brasil me voy. Y muy contento a trabajar por Venezuela. Venceremos!!

With this short message Chavez started his counterattack against the opposition that in the last years used the Internet to protest, organise and express ideas against his government.

The next morning Chavez had nearly 29,000 followers on Twitter. And he invited other South American Presidents to sign in the social network.

During the first week Chavez had 237,000 followers and received more than 50,000 messages. Last 8 of May Chavez announced the creation of a group of 200 people called “Mision Chavezcandanga”  to try to respond all the messages received in his Twitter account.

After this change in his policy against the internet, he is trying to find out the way of doing politics in the internet without censorship



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