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Twitter revolution Vs Democracy

By Javier Velandia

Looking in you tube for the Twitter Revolution I Found this video that compares how the media talk about the Twitter influence in different contexts .The good influence: In Iran during the Twitter revolution, the social network helped the people to express themselves. It is perceived like as a tool of for democracy and freedom of speech.

The Bad influence: The video uses an example of the protesters in the G20 meeting in Pittsburg who used twitter to evade police controls get organized and protest.

These two views show the ambivalence of discourses and the differing perceptions of freedom of speech and democracy.

The media talk about the ”Twitter Revolution” and make a link between freedom of speech, democracy and liberty, ignoring others types of expression that are not democratic and do not want to be democratic; for example the G20 protesters.

It is not about twitter itself pursuing democracy and freedom of speech. it is about how and by whom is this tool used).

In the video president Bush’s DPD National Security adviser said: “is it any body that should possible get the novel peace prize in the next time around it should be the founders of Twitter” arguing the importance of the social network for the democratic world.

But what happens when Twitter is used by others that want to protest and express their ideas against democratic governments? Are they criminalized?  Are they treated like terrorist?

The video concludes with a report that affirms “Millions of young people are communicating faster than the U.S military can react”

Twitter is not democratic, the twitter revolution is not democratic, instead it is a manifestation of the people using technological tools to be visible and express their ideas.

Twitter is not revolutionary itself, is the people that use the technology that give significance to the space.

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