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The fear of Iranian Government

By Javier Velandia

The called Twitter Revolution (July 2009) showed the world the multiple violations to the freedom of speech in Iran and the power of internet and social networks in social movements.

During the past elections in Iran, the Internet played a big role as a tool for the political and in the political and social movements against the government. The multiple “twits” blog posts and text messages transmitted to the world through the Internet showed the impact of “citizen journalism”.

The situation in Iran was public to the world. Governments like the United States and the UK monitored and supported the citizen movements around the internet and criticized the censorship of the media in Iran.

For the Iranian president Mahmud Ahmadineyad the Internet was a threat. He was at risk of losing control over internal and external information and of losing his power, a risk of losing control over internal and external information and for losing the power. The multiple social movements created through the social networks went from the virtual space to Tehran’s streets and undermined the government’s credibility both within the nation and around the world in the nation and the world.

During the elections both text messages and the internet service were suspended.

After the “Twitter Revolution” the United States Government saw in social networks the perfect weapon to fight against Mahmud’s regime and take one step further  towards democracy in Iran.

This new status of social networks as political tools, is changing the way of looking at the internet and its benefits . It has emerged as the perfect scenario for debates on politics and social behaviors)and has become the new scenario for politics and social behaviors.

The biggest fear of the Iranian Government is to loose control. the image of the internet as a tool for democracy and as a space to  promote freedom of speech are the reasons why Mahmud’s Government filter  the internet with stronger controls and new technologies.

Some of the regulations of the Iranian Government include slowing down the internet access, filtering information, banning internet sites and arresting several internet activists like bloggers. with the excuse of preserving religion, morality, and social harmony



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